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Winemakers´s Tasting Notes


Pale yellow with lemony tones and glycerine consistency.


Fine and elegant aromas, the aromatic features of boxwood, citrus and green apple contrast with the ripe melon and mango, with unmistakeable smoky touches.


Its distinctive acidity on the palate makes this wine an explosion of freshness, with a syrupy finish and highly varietal aftertaste.

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Recommended for aperitifs, tapas, cheese, fish, seafood, white meet, rice, sushi.

Technical Data

Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc.


Protected Geographical Indication: D.O. La Mancha.
Preparation: Harvested at night by mechanical means, the grapes reach the winery in optimal condition, and the pulp is chilled through the use of dry ice. After destemming and a light pressing, the grape macerates in tanks with cooling jackets for a few hours at low temperature. Next, 50% of the free-run juice is extracted and ferments at a temperature no higher than 15 ºC for 2 weeks in stainless steel tanks, aided by selected cryophilic yeast strains.