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Winemakers´s Tasting Notes


Pale yellow with greenish reflections, it looks very clean and bright.


Hints of ripe fruit (banana, apple, grapefruit) and citrus are noted in the nose.


With a balanced acidity on the palate, it is light, with a carbonated touch that affords freshness and very pleasant aftertaste.

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Pairs perfectly with salads, cheese, white fish, seafood and white meats.

Technical Data

Grape variety: 100% Airén, the most common grape variety in Castile- La Mancha.


Protected Geographical Indication:  D.O. La Mancha.

Preparation: After destemming and presseing, the grapes are vatted at low temperature in Ganimede® tanks where the maceration of the sinks takes place in a CO2-saturated atmosphere. Subsequently the free-run juice is racked and ferments at very low temperatures, aided by selected cryophilic yeast strains, for several weeks.